Need to Renew Your TIDA Membership?

TIDA offers a wide range of membership benefits including the Annual Seminar, Cargo and Skills Course Seminar, Advanced Seminar, committee representation for the trucking defense industry, complimentary webinars, networking events, job postings, state law summaries, an expert database, and much more. To renew your membership, please follow the steps below.

Here's How to Renew Online:

1a. Individual TIDA Members: Using the online form linked below, you will be able to renew your membership. If you are within your renewal period, but you are having trouble renewing, there may be an outstanding balance on your membership. Please contact TIDA Financial Department.

1b. Corporate TIDA Members: Are you the primary contact for your membership? If you are the primary contact for your company, you will be able to renew on behalf of your company, using the online form linked below. If you are not a primary  contact for your company, you will not be able to use the form. Please have your company's primary contact login and fill out the renewal form.

2. Click the button below to renew online. You will be prompted to login to your profile and confirm your company's address. After confirming your company information, you will be able to submit a payment via credit card. You will be emailed a receipt for renewing.

NOTE: You will only be able eligible to renew if you are within your renewal period. If you are not within your renewal period for this membership year, you will not be able to submit the form and will receive an error message.
If the error message you receive when logging in states 'your membership is past due', you may be subject to back dues - please contact TIDA Financial Department for the status of your membership.

Renew Your Company's Membership Online


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