Antitrust Statement

Antitrust laws require that competitors may not restrain competition among themselves regarding the price, quality or distribution of any products or services, and that they may not act in concert to restrict the competitive capabilities or opportunities of their competitors, suppliers or customers.

It is generally unlawful to fix prices, boycott or to engage in anti-competitive conduct. Anti-competitive conduct – in the context of a TIDA meeting or seminar or of meetings held by members at a TIDA sponsored event – can have legal consequences both criminal and civil. Therefore, it is important that all TIDA directors, officers, administrators, members or other attendees at a TIDA meeting or seminar, or at a meeting or meetings held by members at a TIDA sponsored event avoid this conduct, or even the appearance of it, in their activities at all times.

It is imperative that TIDA board members, officers, administrators, members, and meeting attendees work conscientiously to avoid any discussion that may have unintended implications.