Judicial Fairness

The TIDA Judicial Fairness Committee’s mission is to provide a forum to educate TIDA members and the transportation industry in general on the various states’ legal systems, laws, and venue specific issues that impact the defense of a motor carrier in various judicial forums in the United States. Specifically, our goal is to:

  1. Search for transportation verdicts that represent both unreasonable and reasonable decisions and seek to understand what led to these verdicts;
  2. Monitor new appellate rulings and legislative tort reform efforts and publicizing both to our membership and the transportation industry;
  3. Analyze opportunities that might be available to assist the industry in developing laws that would achieve fair verdicts in all civil courtrooms throughout the country.  

Click here to review the committee's insight on recent verdicts. 

Any requests for amicus briefs should be submitted to this committee for consideration.


Board Advisors

Charles F. Carr
Carr Allison

Nathan Lundquist
Protective Insurance Company

Committee Members

Pam Hallford, Chair (Alabama)
Carr Allison

Curtis Fenley, Vice Chair (Texas)
Fenley & Bate LLP

Jim Bryan (Amicus Briefs)
Nexsen Pruet, LLC