TIDA Ambassador Program

The TIDA Ambassador Program is a great way to connect with other TIDA members during the upcoming Annual Seminar in Tampa.  The program matches less experienced TIDA members with more experienced TIDA members and encourages participants to network before, during, and after the Annual Seminar in Tampa. For the experienced participants, the program is the perfect way to establish a new connection and help a new member expand their network. For new TIDA members, the Ambassador Program is an ideal way to start a professional relationship with an experienced member of TIDA.

 What Last Year's Ambassadors are Saying

Last year, we had almost 30 participants in the program.  This year, we are hoping to double that number, but we need your help to do it!  When we surveyed participants after the Annual Seminar, 100% of them were glad that they participated, and all of them planned to participate again! Here are just a few of the comments from the members who participated in 2018:

“I enjoyed introducing my partner to a number of other colleagues! She was very receptive and enthusiastic and it was a great experience!”

 "The Ambassador sticker on my name tag was a good conversation starter.”

 “It allowed me to meet a great new person in the trucking industry to share information about common challenges that we face.”

 Join the Ambassador Program

  • Register with the link below
  • A few weeks before the Annual Seminar you will  be matched up with another TIDA member
  • Connect with your ambassador prior to the Annual Seminar
  • Meet each other at the reception on Wednesday evening. It's the perfect time to introduce each other to new people and establish new connections with trucking professionals!

Registration deadline is Wednesday, September 25