Advanced Seminar Committee

The advanced seminar committee works to create a more informed TIDA membership – one challenged and invigorated through seminars and presentations on particular issues critical to the trucking and transportation industries, and the legal community serving them.

Complementing the broader annual seminar, TIDA’s Advanced Seminar Committee organizes biennial forums targeting specific trucking industry defense topics, skills, and strategies. Providing instruction, guidance, and insight, the committee stewards TIDA members on methods to best prevent claims before they arise and recognize and counter factors and conditions leading to trucking and transportation lawsuits. The committee fosters skills necessary to vigorously and fairly defend cases once filed, coaching industry personnel, and defense counsel on effective defense strategies to be used during a lawsuit’s investigation, discovery, negotiation, and trial phases.


Board Advisors

April Arnold
USA Truck, Inc.

Committee Members

Karen Saab-Dominguez, Chair
Goldberg Segalla

Tim Roth, Vice Chair
Gallagher Sharp, LLP

Lisa Gonnerman
Transport Corporation of America

James Jebo
Harman Claytor Corrigan & Wellman, PC

Kevin Branch
McMickle, Kurey & Branch, LLP

Maria Fox
Fee, Smith, Sharp & Vitullo, LLP

Ed Leonard
Tyson & Mendes

Lea Richmond
Carr Allison